Ukte Mallab’s annual Sahitya bhovdi at Netravali Sanguem

Ukte malabh’s annual Sahitya bhovdi & inaugural function of Konkani kendra at Netravali Sanguem. Ukte malab , a multilingual poetry group based in Panjim , celebrated it’s 127 th poetry recitation evening at Netravali Sanguem while enjoying their annual ‘Sahitya Bhovdi ‘. On this occasion also inaugural function for ‘Neturli […]

Making homemade pizza from prepared dough

         Pizza is a regular visitor to our house, only it doesn’t usually come in the form of a delivery person. Making homemade pizza from prepared dough is a quick and easy dinner any night of the week. Even making your own dough only really adds a few minutes to the prep […]


Goa News at a Glance

GOA  :- Panaji: The long-awaited project to build a full-fledged, dedicated fishing jetty at Khariawada, Vasco, may finally see the light of day with the Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) expected to finalize the plan over the next few weeks. Estimated to cost around 140 crore, MPT intends to partly fund […]


ট্রেনের দেরিতে স্টেশনে ভাঙচুর

পূর্ব রেলের বারাসত-হাসনাবাদ শাখায় ট্রেন চলছিল দেরিতে। তার জেরে শুক্রবার রাতে তেতে উঠল হাড়োয়া স্টেশন। ট্রেনের দেরির কারণে যাত্রীরা প্রথমে ওই স্টেশনে ভাঙচুর চালায় বলে অভিযোগ। হামলাকারীদের হাতে প্রহৃত হন স্টেশনের এক হকার। তার জেরে আবার স্থানীয় লোকজন দু’দফায় যাত্রীদের উপরে হামলা চালায় বলে অভিযোগ। গোলমালে জখম হন অন্তত ১৫ […]


AMITH CARGO MOVERS, a major contractor in Goa,Karnataka and Maharashtra

  TRANSPORT FLEET Amith Cargo Movers commenced in the year 1994, with transport service to the steel industries with our own fleet for the transportation of H. M. Scrap, Shredded Scrap, Sponge iron, in the various Industrial estates of Goa, and later started transportation of Coal to paper and cement […]

कोंकणी बरोयात , कोंकणी वाचात ! Let Us Write Konkani, Read Konkani, Think Konkani!

कोंकणी बरोयात ,  मानधन घेयात !                        ( Mobile Recharge )   Author should write in konkani language Author name , Phone no., email address should write below articles Prose , Poetry , Story , Essay should be their own […]

आयरीन बार्रोसाक कोंकणी सेवा पुरस्कार, भाशा मंडळाचे पुरस्कार जाहीर

आयरीन बार्रोसाक कोंकणी सेवा पुरस्कार, भाशा मंडळाचे पुरस्कार जाहीर म्हालगडी कोंकणी वावुरपी आयरीन लॉरेन्सो बार्रोस हिका कोंकणी भाशा मंडळाचो प्रतिश्ठेचो सेवा पुरस्कार फावो जाला. भाशा मंडळान आज आपले 2015 चे णव वर्सुकी पुरस्कार जाहीर केले. 30 सप्टेंबरा 53व्या वर्धापन दिसा हे पुरस्कार भेटयतले. सेवा, शिक्षण, कार्यकर्तो, पत्रकारिता आनी साहित्याच्या मळाचेर […]

30th session of All India Konkani Parishad

30th session of All India Konkani Parishad from Jan 22 Panaji, 9 (UNI) Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar will inaugurate 30th session of All India Konkani Parishad at Kala Academy on January 22. Addressing a press conference, All India Konakani Parishad President Gokuldas Prabhu said the inaugural function would be […]

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