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Fuel prices around the world Updated

Fuel prices around the world The latest global rankings of gasoline, diesel, and LPG prices. On the charts, click the country name to see price dynamics over time. Gasoline prices … latest data Diesel prices … latest data LPG prices … latest data Fuel price watch: price trends in 100 countries Overview of fuel price trends during the past week … price watch News digest on oil and fuel prices Updated daily, except weekends and holidays, with selected news items about oil and fuel prices from around the world … news digest Oil and fuel price forecast The expected oil …Read more »



Ramesh Veluskar is a multifaceted personality

Ramesh Veluskar is a multifaceted personality. This otherwise sentimental poet took up the rather sedate vocation of a teacher, joining St Andrew’s School in the village of Goa Velha in 1969. He opted for voluntary retirement in 2002, to devote all of his time to his writing. In between, he served on the Board of Studies for schools in Goa, and on the editorial board that prescribed textbooks for Standards VIIIth to XIIth. He conducted hundreds of literary broadcasts for the Panaji station of All India Radio, and translated a number of plays and other programmes into Konkani. He also …Read more »

Celebrating ” Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptah ” in india

Students and Teachers of  Shyambati shishu shiksha Kandra , Baidyapur , Shyambati , District Purba Bardhaman celebrating ” Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptah “   Head Teacher  Smt. Rama Saha,  addressing students in a rally for  ” Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptah ” to educate  villagers to be clean and healthy. Smart Students of the institute showing poster also to know their views in own Bengali language. ডোবা পুকুর নয় আর , নলকূপের করব ব্যবহার I সাবান দিয়ে ধুয়ে হাত , সুস্থ থাকি দিনরাত I ঘরে ঘরে শৌচাগার , করব সবাই ব্যবহার I ডোবা পুকুর নয় আর , নলকূপের করব ব্যবহার , সাবান দিয়ে ধুয়ে …Read more »

Basuri Desai , Hearald Reporter met Prof, Prajal Sakhardende

Basuri Desai , Hearald Reporter met Prof, Prajal Sakhardende of United for Mother Goa for his plans and efforts to save Goa’s environmental heritage for posterity   BASURI DESAI:- What is this movement all about “United for Mother Goa – Goenchea Lokancho Awaaz”? PRAJAL SAKHARDANDE:- United For Mother Goa-Goenchea Lokancho Awaaz is a social Movement of the people of Goa to SAVE Our Mother Goa’s priceless natural and cultural heritage and identity to seek a change in 2017 to herald in a better Goa corruption free and wherein our Environmental heritage will be protected for posterity which is being blatantly …Read more »


HISTORY n HERITAGE : Ganesh is the God of Knowledge , Prakriti Sanskriti Science medicine environment n ecology. Ganpati is a scribe too. Every aspect of Ganesh Chaturthi is not a waste but has scientific n medicinal value. It is a celebration of nature. Durva has medicinal value which we offer to the lord. His elephant head n human body is a connect vt human vt the bovine. He is made of earth symbolising our connect vt mother nature that is Gouri or Parvati . From mud we come in mud we go. His eyes r small signifying the discerning …Read more »

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