How I earn up to $50,000 a month while traveling the world

Yaro Starak in Tasmania, Australia. Yaro Starak In 1998, at 18 years old and living in Brisbane, Australia, I enrolled in a business degree at the local university. Although I struggled to get through university courses, my graduate studies gave me a benefit that changed my life – access to the internet. I created my first website about a card game I played in school called Magic: The Gathering, a fantasy game played competitively in tournaments, like poker, but with goblins, elves, and dragons.

I wrote articles for my website, started selling cards, and slowly grew a community. Eventually I made king as much as $1,000 a month from the combined advertising revenue and profits from selling cards. It was hard work, but I learned a lot. While I enjoyed running my card game site, I knew my future wasn’t there. I watched the first dot com boom in the tech industry come and go. It made me hungry for something bigger. The next business I started was a proofreading service.

Instead of doing the work myself, I hired contract proofreaders to deliver the service, while I handled marketing. In 2004, the business broke the $100,000 a year level in revenue. I hired an administrative assistant to work with the contract proofreaders, which left me with not much else to do. I was 25 and had realized my goal – freedom. I didn’t need a job and I was in charge of how I lived.

There was one problem: I was miserable. Something was missing. While looking for new ways to grow my proofreading business, a friend recommended blogging. I didn’t understand what made a blog different from a website, so I started one from my proofreading website in November of that year. My blog only lasted three months because I struggled to write about proofreading. However, I discovered I enjoyed writing about my business, so I started a hobby blog called Entrepreneurs-Journey.

com – a place I could share stories from my life as an entrepreneur.

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