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“As an admissions officer reading hundreds of applications and essays in a short period of time, it takes something unique or memorable for an application to stand out at the end of the day,” Jiang said.

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Your first paragraph becomes the topic paragraph, and
each paragraph that follows, a supporting paragraph. Get your ideas assembled on blank paper. An article can be structured the same way as a

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton Kwasi Enin, then a high school senior, smiles after announcing he will attend Yale University during a press conference at William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach, New York April 30, 2014.

Her weighted GPA is a 4. 9, and un-weighted it’s a 4. She’s the valedictorian of her Concord High School class, and has been first in her class every year in high school. Stinson’s qualifications for those acceptances go far beyond an impressive admissions essay.

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High-school senior Brittany Stinson learned on Tuesday that she was accepted into five Ivy League schools: Yale, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, and Cornell. Stinson shared her Common Application essay with Business Insider at the time, which we published in full here
. She also got into Stanford, which has an acceptance rate of 4. 69% – a lower rate than any of the Ivy League schools.

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It’s true that fewer people are ready to apply in Round 1. These are the people who beat the GMAT months ago and prepared their recommenders in June. But at the same time, those applying in the first round tend to be the most prepared applicants. If you’re ready to start your application now, one of your first decisions is whether to try for Round 1 deadlines, which are in September and October, or aim for Round 2 in early 2017. However, applying earlier won’t necessarily increase your chances of admission. There are several reasons to apply in the first round, from demonstrating your strong interest and preparation to having first crack at financial aid opportunities.

is a logical thing to do. “They consider it a remote event, but one with a very severe downside, so, given how much money they have, spending a fraction of their net worth to hedge against this . “The tech preppers do not necessarily think a collapse is likely,” Yishan Wong, an early Facebook employee and the former CEO of Reddit, told The New Yorker.

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