We at Bharat Petroleum, offers world-class Fuel Stations (Petrol Pump) across the country, selling Petrol, Diesel, Automotive LPG and CNG. Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of our diverse customers, which has led us to create specialized Fuel Station formats, such as Pure for Sure, Pure for Sure PlatinumGhar, Highway Star and many more.
We have a wide network of 15,402 world class Fuel Stations, which continues to grow, across the country, which you can count on. With 13,648 fully automated Fuel Stations, we offer wide range of products and services – from Petrol & Diesel fuel to Speed and Speed 97 (which are premium petrol with better driving experience and higher octane numbers) to convenience stores, like In & Out, Restaurants and ATMs.
To reward our loyal customers, we offer loyalty programmes – PetroBonus (which is a loyalty programme for motorists) and SmartFleet, (which cater to various needs of transporters, operating commercial vehicles).
And while we do business, our concern for the environment drives us to deploy green and solar technologies at our fuel stations. We adhere to strict quality parameters to ensure fuel-efficient cars thereby ensuring we save fuel at every opportunity.
Our specialized formats across geographies such as Pure for Sure, Pure for Sure Platinum, Ghar, Highway Star etc., ensure that we meet the diverse needs of our customers with best quality and quantity of fuels, products and services.
The Bharat Petroleum assurance comes with the promise of being “Pure for Sure”. Simply put, this means that you can expect impeccable service and convenience at your nearest fuel station, which you can locate by downloading SmartDrive – the smartphone app for smart buyer.