Thalassaemia free society – Naresh Chandra Das ( Retired sub – Major )

Let us pledge for a Thalassaemia free society 

We can, if we make a little endeavor , eradicate the curse of Thalassaemia from the society and offer a healthy add tension – free life to all our forthcoming generations.

To materialise our dream we have to follow certain activities. Let us concentrate upon these:

1. A gin test is mandatory before the couple’s engaging into a nuptial bond in order to be ascertained if they are Thalassemia career or not.

2. If one is found career one need not be panicked as one is also a healthy one like the others who do not carry Thalassemia.

3. If both the bride and the groom carry Thalassemia, they should not engage themselves in nuptial bond.

Just follow these simple rules and we can obviously gift a Thalassaemia – free society to our future generations.

Today’s story is quite different.I lost equilibrium of mind when I entered into the thalassaemia control unit to see the heart rending cries and innumerable agony of the helpless mothers of those Thalassemia affected children. I am sharing my bitter experience on that.

Sajid Mulla, Disha Malik, Beauty baskey, Subhajit Das and Saugata Halder are all those unfortunate children who are affected by this deadly disease and all are below 8 years old. They need blood transmission once in a month as long as they live. The mental condition of those mothers are indescribable. They are regretting their severe mistake. What is the mistake?the mistake is that they did not have the test before marriage. If they could do it , their children would not have to suffer this tremendous torture.

A mother, with tears in her eyes, expressed her heart to me. She said, ” If I could know that I am a career, my child would not come to this world with this deadly disease. I have made this mistake and my child is suffering for that.”She appealed all the country men not to repeat the mistake that she has done.

Now let me come to a different matter. I earnestly congratulate those organisations where blood donation camps are organised frequently. We feel pride on such organisations under Kalna sub division. They are not only supplying blood for the Thalassemia patients but also providing it to others who need it urgently. Besides this Kalna Blood Bank is continuously supplying blood to different hospitals. Really it is a commendable service.on 7th October 2020 Rampurhat hospital received 240 unit blood from blood bank, Next Rampurhat hospital again got 100 unit blood from Kalna Blood Bank.

Kalna Blood Bank and other Blood Donation Camp organizers are giving their best effort to the welfare of the society. There is no dearth of blood but it is in our mind.we hesitate to donate blood and it creates the paucity of blood in different blood banks. But the overwhelming response received by Kalna Blood Bank is presenting a completely different picture and it obviously deserves applause .

Massage written By Naresh Chandra Das ( Retired sub – Major )

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